Total Quality Management

Since late 1990s, Al Borg pioneered the adoption of Total Quality Management measures in the regional laboratory industry. Since then, we introduced a number of quality assurance metrics to guarantee highest degree of accuracy in our examination procedures.



Bar Coding System

Once your sample has been drawn by any of our experienced phlebotomists, a bar code with your name and serial number is attached to the tube containing your sample. By the use of Laser technology the analyzer will scan the bar code slip attached to the patients sample, compare it with the central computer for test verification and then proceed through the analysis, no human intervention is required throughout these stages. Al Borg’s bidirectional bar coding system then leaves no room for human error when placing patient samples in equipment or clerical errors when printing patient results.


Fully automated sample processing

All our laboratories utilize the latest FDA and /or CE certified equipment, controls and reagents, guaranteeing the ultimate accuracy in sample processing. A program for calibration of measuring systems and verification of trueness of results as well as the design of the internal quality control program that verifies the attainment of the intended quality of results provides our staff members with clear and easily understood information on which to base medical and scientific decisions.


Auto-validation of results

After processing of the samples, each test result is then automatically validated by our Lab software to screen for any abnormalities in your results and correlate them with your clinical condition to ensure their validity. Once passed, it goes for review and authorization by our specialized doctors, after which it is automatically sent to printers. In fact, 85% of our results are printed not typed to avoid clerical errors.


Accreditation and Certifications

Our strive for quality management has been demonstrated by the sheer number of quality certificates received by Al Borg over the years


International Quality Assurance programs memberships

External quality assessment programs are accepted around the world as invaluable tools used by laboratories to periodically assess the performance of their test systems. Results are objectively compared to other laboratories using the same methodologies, instruments and reagents. When used in conjunction with daily quality control, these external programs can give laboratories added confidence in their patient test results.

Al Borg was the first Egyptian laboratory to subscribe to the following internationally recognized programs


Quality Certificates

As recognition for our operational excellence, Al Borg was the first Egyptian laboratory to earn the Certificate of the International Organization for Standardization ISO 9002 in 1999 then ISO 9001 since 2002 attested by the American System Registrar (ASR).



Another major milestone and achievement for Al Borg Laboratories was the ISO 15189 accreditation from the Swedish Board for accreditation and Conformity Assessment (SWEDAC) effective March 18, 2010, becoming the first medical laboratory in Egypt to receive such an international accreditation.

SWEDAC is the national accreditation body of Sweden. It is a reputable non-profit organization which focuses on quality, environment, safety, health and efficient use of resources.

Accreditation is a stamp of quality ensuring that all tests are done in conformity with highest international standards and that test results from different companies are genuinely comparable. Certificates and other documents issued under accreditation are recognized across Europe and in many other countries in the world. Accreditation gives the laboratory and its clients the assurance that the laboratory has met defined international standards for performance based on examination of a variety of criteria, including processes, procedures and technical excellence.